I like to blog because it forces me to distill (sort of) complex ideas into (hopefully) intelligible prose. I do not always succeed, but here are my posts:

1) Less is More: Rediscovering the Prosecutor's Core Mandate, in: Justice in Conflict, 14 April 2020

2) The Next ICC Prosecutor. Introduction to a Joint OJ/JiC Symposium (with Kevin Jon Heller, Mark Kersten and Priya Pillai), in: Opinio Juris and Justice in Conflict, 8 April 2020

3) The Killing of Soleimani, the Use of Force against Iraq and Overlooked Ius ad Bellum Questions, in: EJIL:Talk!, 13 January 2020

4) Introducing A Book Symposium on Phil Clark’s ‘Distant Justice’ (with Thijs Bouwknegt), in: Opinio Juris, 30 September 2019

5) How Much Force is Necessary to Protect Civilians?, in: IPI Global Observatory, 24 September 2019

6) Smart Justice in Sudan. For Bashir’s Crimes, Is the ICC Still the Best Route?, in: Just Security, 24 April 2019

7) A Neo-Colonial Court for Weak States? Not Quite. Making Sense of the International Criminal Court’s Afghanistan Decision, in: EJIL:Talk!, 13 April 2019

8) Justice is the Key Ingredient for Sustainable Peace in the Central African Republic, in: Al Jazeera, 12 March 2019

9) Perceptions of Justice: Continuing the Conversation on Managing Perceptions at the ICC, in: Justice in Conflict, 6 March 2019

10) Perceptions of Justice: Does the International Criminal Court Need a Non-Essential Contacts Policy?, in: Justice in Conflict, 20 February 2019

11) ‘Open for Business’: The Special Criminal Court Launches Investigations in the Central African Republic, in: EJIL:Talk!, 8 February 2019

12) Negotiating Peace and Justice in the Central African Republic, in: IPI Global Observatory, 28 January 2019

13) The ICC’s Evidence Problem: The Future of International Criminal Investigations after the Gbagbo Acquittal, in: Völkerrechtsblog, 18 January 2019

14) At Long Last: The ICC Strikes in the Central African Republic, in: Opinio Juris, 21 November 2018

15) What Are the Key Lessons from Central African Republic in Light of the 2007 Nuremberg Declaration on Peace and Justice?, in: Nuremberg Forum 2017. 10 Years After the Nuremberg Declaration on Peace and Justice “The Fight Against Impunity at a Crossroad” (2018), p. 77-78

16) The Special Criminal Court in the Central African Republic, in: Vol. 22, Issue 2, American Society of International Law Insights, 22 January 2018

17) The Road Ahead: Building Momentum for Justice in Central African Republic, in: Justice in Conflict, 7 June 2017

18) Taking Complementarity Seriously: Why is the International Criminal Court not Investigating Government Crimes in Congo?, in: Opinio Juris, 26 April 2017

19) The UN Goes to War in the Central African Republic. What are the Limits of Peacekeeping?, in: Just Security, 23 March 2017

20) The Hybrid Court for South Sudan? Looking for a Way Forward, in: Justice in Conflict, 23 and 28 February 2017

21) The African Union’s Collective Withdrawal from the ICC: Does Bad Law make for Good Politics?, in: EJIL: Talk!, 15 February 2017

22) Africa and the ICC: Shattered Taboos and the Status Quo, in: EJIL: Talk!, 23 November 2016

23) Complementarity Compromised? The ICC Gives Congo the Green Light to Re-Try Katanga, in: Opinio Juris, 11 April 2016

24) A Tug of War for Justice? - Confusion over Complementarity and Cooperation in Congo, in: Justice in Conflict, 13 January 2016

25) The ICC Intervenes in Georgia: When is a Peacekeeper a Peacekeeper?, in: Opinio Juris, 19 October 2015

26) UN Peace Operations: Shifting from Peacekeeping to Peace Enforcement and State-Building, in: EJIL: Talk!, 2 September 2015

27) Whither the Fight against Impunity in the Democratic Republic of Congo?, in: Justice Hub, 24 June 2015

28) What Lies Beneath the ‘G’ Word? Genocide-Labelling and Fact-Finding at the UN, in: EJIL: Talk!, 28 May 2015

29) Central African Hybrid Court: An Important Test Case (Interview with S. v Leeuwen), in: Justice Hub, 7 May 2015

30) The Mirage of Hybrid Justice in Africa?, in: Opinio Juris, 1 March 2015

31) Is International Criminal Justice Coming to South Sudan?, in: Justice in Conflict, 4 January 2015

32) The Democratic Republic of Congo’s Failure to Address Impunity for International Crimes. A View from Inside the Legislative Process 2010-2011, in: International Justice Monitor, 8 November 2011