Patryk I. Labuda

Call for papers: Ukraine and the Post-Liberal International Order after the Zeitenwende. University of Zurich, 15-16 June 2023. This conference will examine how states, regional actors and non-state actors have used and abused international law in responding to the war in Ukraine, and what this tells us about the state of the global legal order. By interrogating generalisations and master narratives about the ‘West v. Rest’, ‘the rise of the Global South’, or ‘the revival of the Western alliance’, this conference aims to analyse how state, regional and non-state actors have responded to the war in different areas of international law, for instance in the jus ad bellum and international humanitarian law, sanctions, food and energy security, accountability for crimes and human rights violations, migration governance, nuclear proliferation, climate change and environmental protection. In addressing these questions, the conference is an opportunity to consider questions, such as: to what extent the war in Ukraine is a transformational moment for the legal order? Will post-2022 reforms help decentralize global governance in selected areas of international law or, conversely, resurrect multilateralism? What new and old cross-regional and intra-regional alliances are likely to form? For details, see:

International Criminal Tribunals and Domestic Accountability. In the Court's Shadow 

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I am a research fellow at the University of Zürich.

I specialize in international law, human rights and peacekeeping, with a regional focus on central and the Horn of Africa. My research is informed by over ten years of practice and fieldwork in the region.

In addition to my scholarship (here), my work has been featured in the mainstream media (Al Jazeera, Radio France Internationale, TRT World, etc.) and on various podcasts and social media (for details see here). 

Je travaille en français et en anglais. Wykładam także po polsku.

Photo credit: International Nuremberg Principles Academy 2017